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Only 31% of employers do not use visualizations in the battle for talent

Only 31% of job advertisements are without illustrations, and 69% of job advertisements in all sectors are accompanied by some specific visualization when published. Most commonly used are photos, infographics, combinations of graphic elements, even animations. The data comes from a survey by InfoGraffiti – content and visualization studio, which analysed nearly 43,000 job openings in 26 sectors of the economy between July and September 2019.

The Talent War affects almost all sectors of the business, and the first stage in it is winning the attention of candidates. The sectors with the highest number of visualized ads are management and business development (87%), administrative and office activities (83%) and engineering and technical activities (89%). The advertising (73%) and information technology (69%) sectors are ranked seventh and eighth respectively in the number of previewed ads.

Least ads with visualizations are used in the insurance (36%), real estate (37%), architecture and construction (47%) sectors. The pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors and the banking sector are also skeptical about the need for visual announcements.

Visual communications professionals advise avoiding banal images from free image banks and relying instead on visions that show specific characteristics of the ad and the position itself. Instead of the standard smiling models in an artificial office environment, it is better to show real shots of alive office space, moments of team life or fun illustrations that demonstrate the specifics and values ​​of the company. Using real photos of employees and their quotes and comments is also good and working practice.

We live in a time of constant information congestion. The audience does not have the time, capacity or motivation to read thoroughly. Consumers require attention-grabbing visual content that quickly drives them to action. Thus, there is a need for communication professionals to start using visual information. According to the American psychologist Richard Mayer, text supported by images improves comprehension by up to 89% over plain text. In addition, visual interactive content increases conversions by 70% - user engagement, or so-called. Conversion rate according to Demand Metric's marketing research platform.

"The use of visualizations and illustrations in job ads is a trend that more and more companies will start to follow. Applicants are overwhelmed by textual information, so it is important for companies to take innovative approaches to attract and retain their attention and to present the content of their job advertisements attractively. We have been using visual communication in our employer branding strategy for a long time. We rely not only on visual ads, but even on video ads and put at the forefront of the employees we are proud of. We have increased our team by 51% in just one year and will continue to invest in both people and representation as a preferred employer in the IT sector. "Says Iva Nikolova, Human Resources Manager at DHL Enterprise Software Solutions.

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