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A complete video makeover on a budget

How to turn your old explainer videos into cool new content pieces without breaking the bank?

The funny clumsy cartoon characters are so passé - and let's face it they have played their role. While there are still some projects for which they might be suitable - education programs, legislation change explanations, NGO communication campaigns etc. the product world is so dynamic that you cannot afford to lag behind.

Here is an example of the old version that needed an overhaul:

Nuvei, the next generation payment technology, trusted us with the new version of their old videos. You can check our "after" video example in the link below!

Here are some tips how you can face lift your old video content:

1. Find fresh photos with a vibe

2. Make them match your brand identity through re-touching and filters

3. Change the iconography and use a pinch of humor where suitable

4. Do not be afraid to mix and match photos, videos and drawings

5. Insert ready to use video accents to make an emphasis (make sure they match your brand identity)

6. Avoid the dull corporate background music at any cost :) But you can use the voice over if it doesn't need an update.

7. Mix and stir and enjoy a brand new cooler explainer video

Let us know if you need help with that :) Happy to discuss!

Here is the "after" look of the same video:

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