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10 To 12 Times More Attention Are Getting Employers Who Use Visualizations

  • Between 10 and 12 times more attention are getting employers who have a visual identity and have built a distinctive employer brand.

  • 86% of the surveyed human resources specialists in an international survey say that recruitment is becoming more and more marketing.

  • In terms of budgets, a strong employer brand can reduce hiring costs by up to 50%, so companies are willing to invest.

The data are provided and analyzed by the first career site in Bulgaria The platform summarizes trends from around the world to offer employers an effective match with candidates in a growing shortage of staff.

"Despite rising unemployment in some sectors, it is increasingly difficult to hire staff. And no, that's not a euphemism for something else. Human resources, healthcare, high value-added business services are sectors where the shortage of people is serious. Our experience shows that more and more the work of human resources specialists requires a marketing approach and those who manage to grab attention - often even visually - succeed. Currently, only 10% of employers use visual identity and illustrated ads." Comments Svetlozar Petrov, manager of JobTiger.

According to human resources directors, the most commonly used visualizations are original job postings, corporate videos, infographics and social media posts. Among the most effective approaches are personal stories in which employees become ambassadors of the brand - according to the data, the opinion of employees enjoys between 3 and 5 times more trust than that of the company's official spokespersons and CEO. Dialogue is also crucial in decision-making - seven out of ten respondents say they have changed their minds about an employer after seeing how and whether the company responds to reviews and inquiries.

To respond to these new features of the labor market, the JobTiger platform launched new proposals together with the studio for analysis, visualization and dissemination of information InfoGraffiti. Employers will have the opportunity to engage in a talent battle to build a visual employer identity, videos, visualized ads and virtual mentors for candidates to communicate with, using the Employer Branding by JobTiger communication channel. Companies can receive advice and assistance in designing their profiles from visual communication specialists.

Sources:,, CERIDIAN 2021 Pulse of Talent

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