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It is no more a question of whether to use them – you know you must as the visual dominance of social media makes us all crave illustrative materials. The question now is how to use infographics in the cleverest and most impactful way. Here are some suggestions on how you might strengthen your external communication with infographics:

  • Your product benefits are weaker in advertising materials than in educational context. If you give your consumers knowledge and hints – they give you back trust and you both win. Infographics are ideal for benefits, educational product introduction, and awareness- raising.

  • You need to attract more media attention – well you may find it useful to know that our research shows that press-releases with visuals (illustrations and infographics) generate 7 to 15 times more coverage. Let’s not forget media need engaging content too and if you do it professionally – you are actually helping them which will be appreciated.

  • Social media demand visuals – take it or leave it. 90% of the information our brains perceive is visual and that happens in 1/10 of a second much faster compared to text.

  • Government relations – when you illustrate a potential threat or issue the image might go viral much faster than a press release. That is why infographics work so well in convincing other parties to cooperate. An infographic does say a thousand words and often the need to argue is eliminated.

  • SEO is another important reason to use infographics – people search by images more and more and useful pictures help you rank higher. A good press release with a strong infographic may flood the search results with your images in your region and that we all know supports sales massively.

  • Posters, outdoor materials and walls are some of the channels that display infographics and can help raise awareness on an important issue quickly.

Now that you have won the hearts and minds of your external audience – let’s see how infographics may help you communicate better internally:

  • Any administrative document that is normally only read by its author (sad but true) can be turned into a much more exciting and memorable piece of visual information – procedures, safety instructions, regulations,

  • Convincing – why should I bother doing this or that is achieved much easier through visual stimuli.

  • Reporting – if you want to demonstrate trends, results, changes – there is hardly a better way than an infographic. And it is better received than the usual Excel charts are often viewed by users as text rather than illustrations.

Now that you know how you can use infographics to boost your communication effectiveness the question is how to create them better and faster. We can help with that – let’s discuss.

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