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Infographic Walls

Do you use your walls for your communication purposes?

Well you should.

Infographics and strong visuals can turn your walls into horizons, into education and into inspiration. You look at them every day anyway – so why not use them for your company purpose. Whether to tell your history to the new team members and outside partners, or engage your employees in a conversation – walls are a great communication channel. Yes, you read right – “engage”. Walls can be interactive and changing. They can encourage your people or external visitors to share their opinions, feelings, and advice. They can motivate, entertain and commemorate.


We have been asked to do wall projects for universities, high schools, hospitals, medical centers, NGOs, IT companies, banks, retail companies, and many others. 


Any wall or glass is suitable – don’t worry about the production we shall – organize it smoothly and in a time suitable for your office. We can even make movable walls for you if you plan to change premises soon or want to use them for events and other moving purposes. Just let us know and we shall advise on the best approach. We can even do a selfie wall for you and help you communicate and make it popular.


Design can be subtle and gentle or funky and provocative. It all depends on your purpose. We can include photography, graffiti style, magnetic elements, stickers for the interactive parts and areas where you and your people can draw and write. Open your mind, switch on your imagination and let us help you think outside the wall! :)

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