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Motion Graphics

What’s the fuss about motion graphics? Well, let’s see – for a starter, Google ranks pages with video content 58 times higher than pages with only static content.  


Motion graphics are a great way to explain a product or software. They are used a lot for instruction videos, how-to videos and process explanations. Education is another wide area exploiting motion graphics as a new way to engage its audience. Legislation changes, social causes, raising awareness – instead of organizing arguments in long texts – a two-minute video will be much faster and more convincing at bringing people on board with your idea. European Commission, World Economic Forum, United Nations, Worth Health Organization and NGOs all over the world are among those using motion graphic videos to educate about an issue or to raise awareness about a problem.


Motion graphics make a great corporate presentation too – inspiring and informative to external audiences at conferences, sales presentations, consumer introductions etc. And before questioning the investment in the creation of a motion graphic video you should consider that the average life-span of such an instrument is between 1 to 3 years. This multiple-use secures the high return on investment for motion graphics. They are suitable for multi-channel usage – on corporate websites and blog, for media events, on partners’ web-sites, for TV and cinema (if the quality is good enough – we guarantee that to our clients), at events – conferences, fairs, open days, sales presentations, on the company YouTube channel and many others.


Motion graphics are also extensively used internally. HR departments hire us to turn their code of conducts into fun and memorable videos. The same applies to new employees’ induction and training. It is much cheaper and way more efficient to use motion graphics for these reoccurring occasions then to invest valuable people time into a repetitive process. Plus, – paper documents are almost out of the question these days especially if they are not visualized properly.

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