Successful international business and marketing consultant and developer of agencies. 

Particularly good at C-Suite strategic communications consultancy and management consulting. 

Chris Dobson


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Communication strategy for a list of Fortune-500 companies, 20 years of international practice, PhD in visual communication, researcher and thought leader in information management & diet 

Lilyana Zagorcheva, PhD

Managing Partner  

Over 18 years international creative experience for multinational brands across the globe. His data-visualization projects are featured in national and international media.

Alexander Dimitrov


More than 10 years of stakeholder relationship management. She has hands-on experience coordinating media partnerships, campaigns and institutional relations. She engages conventional and social media with your visual content.

Antonia Bazoleva


An experienced artist and a PhD in Contemporary trends of advertising from the National Academy of Art. She influences the viewers perception conveying messages with the best visual. 

Petya Blagoeva, PhD

Visual Master

More than 13 years of communication experience. Her special skill is turning data into beautiful and powerful visual structures. Dessy helps clients make a visual impact.

Desislava Kaliskova

Data Architect